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the final tally was 26,000 prescriptions. he pled to one count of fraud and tampering for every patient affected. 1,200 counts. we agreed to a sentence of 15 years to life. his chance to be the pillar of a whole new community. captioning sponsored by universal network television nbc and toyota. get the feeling. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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president obama's historic visit to israel. the question now, would america go to war to stop a nuclear weapon in iran? a bay area community into panic mode organization. how you it turned out coming up. police in the peninsula risk their lives in the name of traffic safety. and a major rule change for the nfl. the new safety regulation and what it could mean for the future of hard-hitting football future of hard-hitting football well, well, well.
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good evening. i'm dan ashley. tonight overseas, president obama is in israel and this is the message he is sending that the united states will stand with israel if iran launches a nuke weapon. how serious is the president and is america really on the brink of another war perhaps? abc abc news reporter jonathanl is in jerusalem. the president arrived in israel in a good mood. an open mike capturing banter with israeli prime minister nets. he was own joking with red lines. >> red lines. he is always talking about red lines. >> the issue couldn't be more serious. the real red line is the one netten yahoo talked about last fall. the point where iran must be attacked or it will be able to
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build a nuclear bomb. a red line israelis believe could be crossed within months. >> diplomacy and sanctions have not stopped the iran nuclear programs. in order to stop them peacefully, diplomacy and sanctions must be augmented by clear and credible threat of military action. >> the president said he believe there's is time for diplomacy. >> the united states will continue to consult closely with israel and next steps. and i will repeat all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> iranian sills like this one tested in january can reach israel in less than ten minutes. cat stove icatastrophic if armh nuclear warheads. israel's president perez told us he believes president obama
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is fully committed to keeping iran from getting the bomb. >> do you have any doubt in your mind that president obama would give the order to launch a military strike against iran? >> as he has said, if all other options will not fly. >> reporter: and you believe that? >> yes. >> reporter: the tough talk the president has brought to israel is designed in part to put muscle behind the diplomacy to as far as iran to back down before military measures are necessary. this is not a negotiating tactic, that the u.s. will stop iran from getting a bomb no matter what. and back here a standoff between an armed man and police forced dozens of people from their homes in vallejo this afternoon. police behind a kevlar shield protected a baby as they he brought it to safety. you can see the s.w.a.t. members carefully surveying the neighborhood.
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sky 7 hd captured these images of an armored police vehicle barreling toward the home. s.w.a.t. officers found a man dead inside when entered about 3:30 today. >> we heard all those shots. sounded like at least 50 shots went off. we were like on the living room floor on our stomachs. >> and they kept shooting and stopped and now evacuated everybody. >> police first went to the home after getting a report that a man had a shotgun. officials have not released the name of the man who died and have not revealed whether he shot himself or was killed by police. a man armed with an antler held deputies at buen bay in td ales. he refuse youd to come out. he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.
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an arrest warrant issued for a long time high school baseball coach. 52-year-old joel kaufman is wanted for molesting a teenage boy and secretly filming another one in a bathroom is the allegation from authorities. some of the charges date back 8 years and the sheriff's department says there may be other victims. kaufman is the coach of the california smoke a boy's baseball team based in san jose. he previously coached in oakland. in oakland, a jury today convicted a man of first-degree murder for shooting a job applicant in a robbery that netted him $10. 28-year-old george huggins now faced a possible sentence of life, 26-year-old i should say george huggins now faces a possible sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. prosecutors say he shot and killed jim hong kang in oakland during a series of robberies.
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he had gone to the downtown area of oakland to have his teeth cleaned at his friend's dental offense when was attacked. san mateo county is going after distracted drivers and officers didn't have any trouble finding them. vic lee with the story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: go to traffic school and get the ticket removed from your record. >> reporter: for the motorcycle unit it was like shooting fish in a barrel. they were nabbing drivers who pedestrians at to pa december cross walks. a police decoy crosses the street and the car goes by anyway. this was one of the locations targeted in today's traffic enforcement operation. the locations are identified with traffic collision data. they are also identified by
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citizens complaints or business complaints. >> reporter: many times it seemed as if the police decoys were taking their lives in their own hands. >> kind of scary. >> reporter: have you almost been run over at all? >> not yet, thank goodness. almost. >> reporter: check out the car speeding by the decoy. even 9-year-old sidney hoover knew the perils here. >> if people don't stop when the pede is strians had to stop it is dangerous. >> some wanted to remain anonymous. others simply saw the few are gowing with a man in blue. >> he says i didn't and i say i did. what can i do. i'm not going to contest this because menlo park needs the money. >> mid morning police received an unexpected surprise. they arrested a drunk driver who almost crashed into another car at a stop sign. police say he was drunk and
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high on prescription pills. >> the gentleman literally almost fell over due to his intoxication. >> we are told that police today issued about hundred 200 citations. they may range anywhere from $200 to $400. next month they will target mill grade and one other city yet to be chosen. vic lee, abc 7 news. the san francisco 49ers scored a big victory this week in a sacramento courtroom. a superior court judge ruled the nfl team is entitled to $30 million in tax money from the city of santa clara. officials prom mitts missed the money as part of the new stadium deal. there you see it under construction. but the money became a free for all when governor brown banned redevelopment agencies. santa clara schools wanted it and so did the governor to balance the state budget. the judge ruled the deal was done before redevelopment agencies disappeared giving the
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$30 million to the 49ers. and when the niners and the raiders and every other pro team take the field the game will be played differently. the nfl today made a major change. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman tonight explains this new rule. >> reporter: this is the stuff we love about nfl football. first the buildup and then the hitting. it is as american as apple pie. but for those on the wrong place at the wrong time also a flirtation with concussions and paralysis. today the nfl made it more difficult to lay out a.b. opponent on either side of the ball but making it illegal for offensive players to lead with the crowns or tops of their helmets beyond the line of scrimmage. >> we said numerous times about bringing the shoulder back into this. we are not going to not allow a runner to protect himself tore protect the football or to drop
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his head in an effort to protect himself against the runner. >> a run arer must now meet the defender heads up. mike shumann earned a super bowl ring with the 49ers and demonstrated the technique. >> i don't see because instinctively you are not going to go down like this because football is played down here with your head up like this and get hit. >> the new rule is designed to limit concussions and likely to trickle down to the the college and high school levels. good news to hardy nickerson who coaches at the high school after 16 years as an nfl linebacker. >> there is nothing that is going to eliminate concussions. it may minimize them. >> if you ask any brain surgeon that is good news. dr. jeff manley at ucsf believes the rule change was long past due. >> we have seen a lot of sports that have evolved like f 1 racing which had a high death rate until people said we can make the safer.
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it is no less entertaining safer today than it has been. >> reporter: from here on out, nfl football will not be exactly same as the old guys played it. the upside, there may be more of the old guys around to talk about those days. the new rule takes effect next season. the nfl did look at one game from the past season to assess how many penalties it would is called. the number is five. they would have been for yards each. in the newsroom, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a lot more to bring you tonight. a new clue in the mystery of autism. the small part of the family puzzle just discovered. plus it is a dirty business. why this jewelry may not be what you should give to your sweet heart. and sandhya patel has the weather. >> misty drizzly conditions in some parts of the bay area. i will let you know what will replace the pattern coming up. oh, my god, it's huge.
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we learned today that a high school student and budding musician was killed by a cal
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train last night near a pedestrian crossing. he posted the video on yew you tube of him playing the guitar. his principle says he was everybody's friend. the 16-year-old was near but not on a pedestrian crossing when this happened. the medical examiner ruled the death an accident. nicholas pet tris has died. he represented oakland for 37 years. e was a leading voice advocating farm worker rights and environmental protection and smoking bans and low income housing. petris was 90 years old. the next story brings up old adage finders keepers. city workers find thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in the sewer system and then they sold it. >> the city of modesto collects
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sewage from 641 miles of sewer lines. who would ever dream in all of the miles of sewage you would find anything you would actually want to put your hands on. a dealer who buys jewelry and us the gold that came into the store over multiple month collected by city employees from you know where. >> from the sewer are drops. so they cleaned it all out and some of it was not gold and some of it was. >> a routine audit of pawn shop records led modesto police to wonder why the city employees didn't report the found gold to supervisors. the total value set at $2,500 and they will submit a report to the d.a. for possible criminal prosecution. the owner of another pawn shop unrelated to the investigation showed us what $2,500 worth of gold looks like. he says it is worth about $26
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per gram regardless of where it has been. >> it is easy to clean. clean it up real good and about put it in a good solution and good as new. >> back at the shop that actually bought the sewer gold they are wondering why police are making such a fuss about it. >> you know the old saying finders keepers. >> i think they should be able to keep it if they found it. nobody is going to want it. >> regardless of where the criminal investigation winds up it doesn't appear the sewer workers violated any policies in epicook th keeping the gold. the police chief says it is time to put policies in place because more than sewage is going down the drains here. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. rain the last 2 24 hour or so. spencer christian is off and meteorologist this broadcast meteorologist sandhya patel is
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here. >> the wipers just have to keep going. it is all going to change, though. we will see a dryer pattern developing as we head into tomorrow. right now live doppler 7hd showing you pretty extensive cloud cover around. all low level cloudiness and still watching some drizzle around watsonville, oakland. we have been seeing some spotty drizzle. this is all going to be replaced by sunshine tomorrow but also windy conditions. gale warnings posted from tomorrow afternoon through the coastline for the marin county coast. that is where we are expecting some of the strongest winds. rainfall totals what do they look like? 6/100 in redwood city. 84/100 sain saint sain st. helena. 16 h, 100 in san jose. a tenth inch in concord. a little bit of rain. a third inch in napa. not enough to make a huge dent in the rainfall estimate. from the high definition roof camera the bay bridge and the
9:21 pm
embarcadero. 56 san jose. east bay emeryville camera the low level cloudiness and fog around. tomorrow morning you can certainly count on some fog here in the bay area. right now you santa rosa 53 degrees. livermore 55. here is a look at what is coming. we will continue with the clouds, fog and spotty drizzle tonight. sunny and windy tomorrow. mild inland as we head towards the weekend. cool conditions remain near the coastline. here is the cold front that has been responsible for not only the showers but the drizzle we have been seeing tonight. and that is pretty much moving out of the picture. but we will see the drizzle fading overnight tonight. like i said, still low level moisture. here is 11:00 p.m. tonight. san jose down towards the suze mountains still a little bit of green showing up and then lingering clouds for 5:00 a.m. with fog around and it will be dense in pockets so watch out
9:22 pm
for that. temperatures upper 30s to the the upper 40s. coolest locations in the inland valleys where you will see some clearing by morning. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine. breezy. south bay 64. san jose 63 in sunnyvale. santa cruz 65 degrees on the peninsula. 61 san mateo. 62 redwood city. you will feel the wind coming through the gap. sfo gusty winds. 54 pacifica. downtown san francisco 60 degrees. 56 in the sunset district and you will feel the wind along the coast in the north bay. 54 bodega bay. 65 santa rosa. out towards the east bay all in the low to mid 60s. 64 oakland. 63 union city. inland areas near 70 degrees fairfield. 65 livermore. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. windy tomorrow but sunny, breezy and milder as we hit the weekend. low 70s inland. mid to upper 50s at the coast. in case you are wondering when
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will we see the rain again? a slight chance tuesday. better possibility of seeing rain on o wednesday. so don't bury the umbrella. >> not a gully washer even then. >> looking light if we even see anything. the two computer models are in agreement there will be something. >> i like it when they don't fight each other. >> really. >> thanks very much. a clash over coffee. the citywide food fight the citywide food fight mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ a decision tonight in the food fight at san francisco city hall. abc 7 news reporter mark matthews with the latest in an ongoing dispute between mobile
9:27 pm
food trucks and downtown restaurants. >> reporter: operates most mornings in an alley off of mix street near fremont. the owner declined to talk with us but you we know from the permits filed with the city that he would like to move to a more visible location here on second street in front of harvest and row restaurant and across the street from starbucks. you you ask restaurants in the impacted area what is the biggest part of your business in the morning it is coffee. all kinds of coffee. >> reporter: the policy director of the building owners and managers association says it is just the latest in an onslaught of flood trucks invading downtown. >> my gut feeling is that is lot of the trucks should be in areas where there is limited access to restaurants. >> they are not going to the underserved parts of the city. they are all congregating
9:28 pm
downtown. they are all here because that is where the customers are. >> reporter: and customers like phil casey say they should be allowed to park whereever they want. >> i am for the the little guy generally. >> reporter: mike messen gear says the trucks won't steal loyal customers from restaurants. >> i think the customers would still go to the place whether there is a truck there or not. >> reporter: alonso thinks maybe customers should decide. >> it is like what is going be better for the consumer? >> reporter: the hearing tonight in front of the appeals board is whether or not places like harvest and row have a right to object. the initial complaint was tossed out because they he don't serve just coffee. >> a big piece of their business in the morning is coffee. >> and they were discounted. >> they were thrown out. doesn't count. you sell food, too. coffee is coffee, hello.
9:29 pm
>> reporter: the vote is just in and it looks like espresso will be allowed to move to street although the address is now 92nd street which is just a half a block down from the restaurant harvest and row and the reason because their coffee is different from the coffee being sold at the local restaurants. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. up next, find out what you can get for your apartment when the america's cup sails into town. a beach turns into a sea of red. what locals are saying about the mystery in south america. and civil war in syria. new report is of government atrocities that just might compel the united states to get involved. involved. stay with [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank.
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we learned tonight the names of all he is season marines killed in a mortar shell explosion at the hawthorn arm me depot. david fend of florida. josh martino of pennsylvania. roger of connecticut. aaron riparda from illinois. jess taylor of ohio. mason vannedderwork of north carolina. william wilde from baltimore. the young men range in age from 19 to 26 years old. 8 others were hurt in the explosion that happened during a training exercise. investigators are now trying to figure out what caused the shell to explode in its firing tube and the pentagon is looking at ways to better protect service members in the future. we reported at the top of newscast will president obama's trip to israel and while speaking with reporter
9:34 pm
addressed reports of chemical weapons being used in syria's civil war. more from alex marquart. >> chaos in the hospital. men women and children on respirators as family members wailed. in this brutal war, this appears tomatoes have bee to h. a rocket slammed into a neighborhood in alepo held by the syrian army. >> i felt my chest close. i couldn't breathe or speak this little girl cried. i lost my mother, father and brother. the syrian regime accused the rebels of launching the rock o coat and called for an international investigation. the rebels blame the regime. israel said today there is no doubt chemical weapons were used in the attack but president obama tonight wasn't so quick to agree. >> we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what
9:35 pm
happened. >> reporter: it does not appear that the chemical in question was one of those most fear ared in the arsenal. mustard gas or the deadly nerve agent viex and sarin. president obama did say he was deeply skeptical it was the rebels who carried out the attack and despite fears of chemical weapons being used in syria the president said that the united states would not take military action in syria by itself. >> in south korea, some computer systems are still down after a cyber attack caused networks in major banks and television companies to crash simultaneously. skulls appeared on some computer screens. it sent is the nation's stocks into a nose dive. police don't know who is responsible but some experts are pointing to north korea. southern chile, thousands of shrimp carpeting the beach
9:36 pm
in red. no word from officials at the plant. hundreds of dead crabs also washed up over the weekend in the same area. police are collecting evidence. in new zealand bystander celled and waved at the driver of the truck letting him know that the truck was still up with the recycling bin attached. he hit a bridge got wedged in underneath. fortunately no, one was hurt. autism is on the rise in the united states. one in 50 u.s. children between six and 17 years of age has autism. up from one in 86 kids in 2007. boys are four times more likely than girls to have the condition. the study was done by the centers for disease control and prevention and says the increase comes primarily from children over ten diagnosed with mild forms of autism. >> autism itself is on the rise. i don't think we can put this
9:37 pm
all on better recognition and better identification of children with autism. something else is going on, too. >> experts say the key is to identify as early as possible especially among kids with mild symptoms and that allows them to get specialized care much more quickly and make a in many cases enormous progress. new clues tonight about what causes autism. dr. richard besser reports on that. >> reporter: another clue into a cause of aah at this time many. researches in sweden found the older a grand it is father was when had children the more likely the children would o be to have children with autism. for father the risk went up 1.8 times. for mothers the risk went up 1.7 times. it is already known that one piece of the puzzle of autism is the age of the father starting at age 30. ray siegel. >> figure out if there is a genetic factor. >> his sons oscar and hugo both
9:38 pm
have autism with different kinds of struggle from reading social interactions. moms pass on very few you dna mutations but dads an average of 25 at age 20, increasing to 65 at age 40 and so on. the more are dna mutations the greatest risk of autism. what does this have to do with grandfathers? >> we could find for example in a grandfather there was a change in the grandfather's dna that then was passed on to the father are and then finally contributed to risk for autism in that father's child. >> that is dr. richard besser reporting. after a huge outcry, lawmakers in arizona are delaying a debate over equal access to the bathroom. john cavanagh wants to make it illegal for transagainer people to use the bathroom of their choice without the proper are paper work like a birth cert cal transgender people would face six months in jail and a
9:39 pm
$2,500 fine. now, to the america's cup. even though the event is scaled down dramatically some homeowners are still hoping to make a nice pile of money this summer. that story from carolyn tyler. >> julie and peter have every reason to toast. they recently bought this beautiful 2 bedroom two and a half bath penthouse along the embarcadero but they are moving out this summer. >> we felt like it was a great opportunity to travel for two or three months. >> while they travel around italy they hope someone will travel to san francisco to watch the premier sailing event and rent their home for $25,000 a month. >> we are not trying to make a living doing this. if it works out, great. you know, if it doesn't it doesn't. >> ma ren county wants to get in on the cataba sherrod martin objection, too. you can rent a two bedroom two bath penthouse here in san
9:40 pm
rafael and take the ferry to san francisco to watch the cup. the rent here $10,000 a month. real estate agents say the asking prices aren't gouging. they are optimistic prices that could go up or down as we get closer to the the america's cup. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. the piece of history just recovered when the first man walked on
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a kind of real life old and the sea. two men snagged something so big they thought was a submarine. it wasn't but it was still big. >> for two fishermen, the catch
9:44 pm
of a lifetime. >> oh, my god it's huge. >> what they say appears to be a giant 18-foot great white shark weighing as much as 3,000-pounds on the end of their line 30 miles off the coast of florida near tampa. then the massive predator struggles to get ladd and fab is holding tightly to the fishing rod. >> i wasn't going to give up. my stubbornness and determination helped me. >> the battle went on for three hours. the captain was right the by his side. >> pretty much can't believe that jaws is swimming around. a crazy experience. >> incredible. i wanted to get that thing in. and i wanted to make sure we had a picture of it. >> and boy, did they. capturing this video as the dram that unfolded on friday. >> looks like a sub marine with a tail. >> that is huge! >> that is huge, man. >> in the end it was too big and illegal to kill so the pair
9:45 pm
of fishermen turned sea warriors let the shark go. >> oh, my god! >> but with so much digital trickery online, what do the two men say to people who think the video is fake? >> i really don't care what they because i was there. it's live, like i really don't care what people think right now. i know it's true. it happened. >> whether or not this is the king of the sea, these guys say it was a moment to remember. boy, talk about a fish story. and also off the coast of florida a big find in the atlanta ocean. two enormous rocket engines that helped power the apollo astronauts to the moon have been retrieved from the murky water. they were fished out from a depth of nearly 3 miles beneath the ocean surface. the expedition was led by the amazon ceo in partnership with nasa. he describes the scene as an
9:46 pm
underwater wonderland. the engines are headed to cape canaveral ral and they will be reed and put on display. from first quarter and deep diving to skiing. coming up next, a day to remember for a lot of people up been waiting for the price of mattresses to fall?
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well, the first day of spring brings showers to the bay area and snow so the see area which is great news for skiers and boarders and everyone who loves the snow. lee paintner is in the middle of it. >> reporter: you have to drive-thru a lot of rain before you even start to see snow. right around kingvale the
9:50 pm
raindrops give way to snowflakes. for these sonoma teens this is spring break. any were so excited they didn't even make it out of the parking lot yet. >> we wanted to snowboard and stuff. like this is the first time i have been in the snow. >> reporter: news of heavy snowfall spread faster than it was coming down. several snowboarders took advantage of the mid week snow and no wait times for the lifts. >> we took a day off from work and just came here and now we are snowboarding. it is my first time and his first time. we will have a good time. >> others who raced out here say tomorrow may be the better day. >> and we took a run and it is just like three feet thick. hard to get down the mountains. no big deal, though. we got a season pass. we will come back tomorrow or the next day. >> reporter: and that is what resorts are banking on. >> perfect for this coming weekend. huge snowfall midweek and then the weekend is going to come and the suns are going to come
9:51 pm
out and chains clear. >> reporter: and this amount of snow could possibly put visitors in the right snow holiday spirit to buy season passes for next year which go on sale at most resorts this friday. the extra foot of snow did postpone the u.s. men's alpine championships that was in squaw valley today. if you are coming up to the mountains this week you need chains on your tires. all right. well, don't look for a lot of snow up there. meteorologist sandhya patel is back with the forecast. the rain around here is pretty much done, isn't it? >> all we are seeing is maybe spot. >> drizzle and that is about it. as you can see on live doppler 7hd only the cloud cover. moisture low we are not picking up the drizzle at this hour. temperatures range from the mid 50s around half moon bay where it will be windy. 60 degrees in san francisco. 60 in clare lake. 65 santa rosa. oakland up to 64 along with san jose.
9:52 pm
and 69 degrees in antioch. as you look at accuweather seven-day forecast the windy conditions fade. low 70s inland. 60s around the bay. mid up toker 50s near the coast. dry on monday but not for long. tuesday into wednesday we may seed need the umbrellas again. a possibility of rain. sports director larry beil is here. the warriorsd that their work out out for them. >> an uphill climb whenever they go to san antonio. it has been since the clinton [ engine revving ]
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fremont, palo alto, north bay and all of the bay area this is abc 7 news. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 the people going door to door with news that no one wants to hear. what they are being tolded about the buildings that they live in.
9:56 pm
and for people who like their coffee with a little kick, what this brand promises that the others do not. yes, the skull and cross bones. that should be an indication what it is all about. join us for those stories and more at 11:00. >> the only way to get up in the morning. 1997. think back to 1997 and where you were. junior high school. >> i'm not going to say where i was. >> i said '97, not '67, dan! >> ouch! >> '97. that. >> that was hurtful. >> bean knee babies were the rage. the first harry potter book came out and dolly the sheep was cloned. do we even clone anything any more? i don't know. also the last time the warriors beat the spurs in san antonio. it has been awhile.
9:57 pm
the warriors lost 28 straight in san antonio dating back to 1997. jeffrey beating landry. tied at 22 after one quarter. second quarter, all spurs. former warrior captain stevenson. spurs up 13 at the half. a nice pass. 25 points and 13 boards for duncan. i will sit here and watch for awhile. jump ball. green. look at the speed here. warriors down 12 in the third. the breakaway helps bring them back. fourth quarter. curry stops and pops. he had 24. warriors within six but duncan dominating and drew bow began. 104-93 the final. 29 straight wins for the spurs against the warriors in the alamo city. lebron james back in cleveland. going for their 24 straight win. cavaliers without the starting back court. they were up by 27 at one point. only to see james bring miami
9:58 pm
back. triple double. 25 points. 12 boards. 10 assists. ray allen ices it. miami comes back. 24 straight the second longest streak in nba history and lebron breaks cleveland heart hearts, once again. brad stewart and murray gave gagne a shark sandwich. they lead it 3-1. the shocks fight back. one-timer. 3-2 game. wingels the wrist shot. a great man. tied and go to overtime. in the shootout, dan boyle. watch the double move! to win it. great comeback victory for the sharks in edmonton. 4-3 final. based on the fact they were given a lowly 12 seed the selection committee did not think much of the season the cal bares put you together.
9:59 pm
tomorrow afternoon it becomes irrelevant what the seeding is. cal one and done in the ncaa last year. year they would like to stick around awhile. they are familiar with the running rebels having lost to them by one in december in berkeley. a classic 5-12 matchup. cal looking for the upset in n. their own backyard. >> helps a lot. i mean it helps that we also feel like we should have won that game. gives us confidence going in we know it is a team that is bettable and that we have seen before. >> well, they beat us at our place so obviously we have got some work to do you know the thing was we had a chance so that is encouraging from our perspective. >> but cal is a different team sense the loss to unlv. >> we have proven we are a good basketball team. we rattled off like seven in a row against ranked opponents.

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